Funding Opportunity: Eivolve

Do you have an innovative idea for volunteering but need funding to make it a reality? Look no further! Our incubator is now accepting applications from early-stage organizations and solutions till Feb 20 (Mon). So apply today and share in your network!


1 Who is eligible to apply for incubation?

Anyone who
* has an idea or a young startup (<4 yrs old) that involves engaging volunteers at scale
* is willing to devote 100% full time to their idea/startup, starting May 15, is eligible to apply for incubation. Additionally, you need to be able to take full-day leaves from Apr 8 to 16.

2 Can for-profits apply or do we have to be nonprofits?

For-profits can apply to be part of the incubator. Funding support for such startups is in the form of equity support from IWT’s trustees in their personal capacity, not in the form of grants.

3 Are students eligible?

Final-year students who will complete all their academic requirements, including submissions, exams, vivas and assignments before May 15 and can devote 100% to their startup can apply. Those who have not completed these requirements by May 15 (including students studying by correspondence) should not apply. Final year students will also need to be available full-time from Apr 8 to 16 for the pre-POC execution; if this clashes with exams or prep for exams, you should not apply.

4 Is there a minimum age/max age limit?

Minimum age limit is 18 years. There is no maximum age limit.

5 Can startups >4 yrs old apply?

No. This is meant for scalable ideas and young organisations who are keen on scaling their volunteering programs.

6 I am a failed entrepreneur, can I still apply?

Of course, yes.

7 I don’t have a team or a co-founder. Can I apply?

Yes, you can apply. We will be incubating individual entrepreneurs, in any case, along with the teams. However, given how challenging it might be to run an organisation alone, we recommend that you think about getting a co-founder or a core team in place at some point.

8 Does my idea need to be “new or unique” to be able to apply or qualify?

Not necessarily, but it must have the potential to scale, and you must be able to demonstrate why the idea will work if others haven’t succeeded.

9 I have a startup but also a full-time job, can I apply?

Only if you are willing to take full-day leaves from Apr 8 to 16 and focus full-time on the enterprise from May 15, and if selected for the grant, ready to quit your job.


Our idea/organization is already part of another funding/incubation program. Can we still apply?

If it is only a funding program which does not require you to spend significant time attending events/components of the other program, it should work out fine. If you’re already part of another part time/full time incubation program, we might have to understand your availability before deciding on your candidature. In any case, please disclose the same during the application process so we can take a call on a case-specific basis.

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