Funding Opportunity : Wipro Sustainability Educators Program

Steward Sustainability Education in Schools across India.

Wipro Foundation is inviting applications for the new cohort of Wipro Sustainability Educators Program. Under this program, we will partner with and support interested organizations and individuals who are keen on working in and improving the domain of sustainability education/environmental education in schools and communities across India.

Wipro and partnering-organizations will jointly recruit a ‘Sustainability Educator’ who will become a member of the partner-organization and work in a focused manner on improving the reach and quality of sustainability-education in schools and communities of their district/state.

The Sustainability Educator will be funded and trained by Wipro Foundation for an initial period of up to 3 years.

The Sustainability Educators’ primary role will be as follows:

  •  Facilitating teacher trainings/workshops on sustainability/environmental education at state/district/cluster levels, and creating spaces for sustainability education in schools and communities by conducting and supporting activity-based learning and outreach programs.
  •  Developing and anchoring networks and forums of sustainability teachers and educators in the region and curating experiential learning programs around sustainability and environmental issues, while ensuring follow up and documentation of learning in the school ecosystem.
  •  Liaise and engage with local government and other relevant nodal bodies to build awareness and capacities around sustainability education.
  •  Help deepen understanding and expertise on sustainability education in their parent/host organization(s) by involving other team members, periodic sharing of their learning and experiences with the larger team, etc.
  •  Actively evangelize sustainability education and environmental sensitivity in the larger community for long term change by creating opportunities for capacity building, awareness, platforms for discussion and action.

The Sustainability Educator is expected to have:

  •  Good interpersonal and networking skills and the ability to work in teams
  •  Readiness to travel extensively in a particular geography and occasionally to the Program office at Wipro, Bangalore
  •  Excellent communication skills (written and verbal) in the local language(s) and working proficiency in English
  •  Ability to liaise with block/district/state level education functionaries and partners
  •  Data compilation and maintenance of necessary records enabling monitoring and timely report generation
  •  Proficiency in basic documentation and report writing
  •  Any other responsibilities assigned by the Wipro Program Manager from time to time
  •  Computer proficiency- MS Office
  •  A Bachelor’s degree in any discipline is mandatory, and a Masters or Bachelor’s degree in Education or Environmental Sciences, while not mandatory, will add value.

What does the program offer to educators and organizations?

  •  The program is intended to be a platform for Sustainability Educators to undertake a journey of learning and capacity building. To this effect, Wipro Foundation will organize and curate a calendar of capacity building workshops as well as follow up sessions and trainings that will focus on specific areas like facilitation and training skills, enhancing domain knowledge, stakeholder engagement, etc.
  •  It will provide a cross-sharing opportunity to learn from and interact with peers from across the country operating from a diverse range of contexts and experiences.
  •  You will be part of the larger Wipro education ecosystem with regular access to training opportunities, resources, materials and events.

Organization Profile

The partnering organization should have a deep interest in, and commitment towards, sustainability education and sustainability-related issues.

The Sustainability Educator (to be selected jointly by the partnering organization and Wipro) should be a passionate and enthusiastic individual who has a deep commitment and interest in championing the case for strengthening sustainability education in schools. They need to display abilities to develop strong school and other stakeholder networks in their geographies. They must possess the necessary qualities to facilitate discussions, empathize with local issues, and drive the program agenda effectively.

About Wipro earthian

At Wipro, we have endeavored to work on both educational challenges and ecological sustainability issues, both within our organization and outside. From the natural intersection of our work in these domains comes the need to support and drive sustainability thinking and action, through facilitating the learning process in schools and colleges across India.

This was the genesis of the Wipro earthian program, an annual program, the first edition of which was launched in April 2011. Since then it has seen the participation of over 13,000+  schools in 29 states, 31 districts and 3 Union Territories in the country. This program is positioned distinctly – both in structure and expected outcomes. In the first phase of the program, schools and colleges submit an entry on a theme within sustainability. The 20 best entries from schools receive awards and 20 entries make it to the shortlist. Subsequently Wipro earthian and its partners engage with the winning schools and colleges as a part of the Continuous Engagement Program (CEP) to increase the space provided to sustainability education within the institution.

Please Note

A senior team-member or founder of the organization would be expected to attend the orientation and/or capacity building workshop, along with the Sustainability Educator & support him/her occasionally.

Terms of Engagement

Type: Organizational Grant

Period: Up to 3 years, subject to periodic reviews

Location: Any state/district in India

Grant: Up to 3 lakh per annum


  •  Last date for Expression of Interest from Partner Organizations:
    15th February 2023
  •  Shortlisting of Sustainability Educators: 15th March 2023
  •  Program Launch and orientation workshop: May 2023

You can apply by visiting:

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