Funding Opportunity: Wikimedia Alliances Fund

About the Organization

The Wikimedia Foundation, Inc is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to encouraging the growth, development, and distribution of free, multilingual content, and to providing the full content of these wiki-based projects to the public free of charge.

About the Grant

The Wikimedia Alliances Fund supports mission-aligned organizations, which work in regions and communities that are underrepresented in our movement, and can partner with the Wikimedia Movement to amplify each other’s work.

The Wikimedia Alliances Fund supports organizations that can contribute toward the strategic direction of the Wikimedia Movement, especially those that promote knowledge equity. We emphasize the need for underrepresented communities and historically marginalized communities in the movement to have access to resources they need to accomplish their goals. Programs from mission-aligned organizations and groups can focus on supporting contributors, editors, content, awareness, skill-building initiatives, advocacy efforts, strategic planning and developing stable partnerships with local Wikimedia communities and Wikimedia projects.

Types of funding:

Programmatic support can be towards furthering ongoing activities, programs, initiatives. It can also be used to ideate, incubate or build new systems of collaboration with the free knowledge ecosystem. Overhead expenses of up to 30% will be allowed to support the stability of partner organizations.


Organizations that have missions that are aligned with the Wikimedia movement, in an underrepresented/emerging community and have a proposal to collaborate directly with the Wikimedia Community and/or Wikimedia projects. Organizations need to have demonstrated networks and/or track record within the movement.

We are focused on working with non-profit organizations. However, we understand that some mission led organizations have adopted different organizational structures, and we want to ensure we have an opportunity to assess the fit of their proposals for impact. Please be in contact with the Wikimedia Alliances PO if you have a different status.

How to Apply

Application Guide for Alliances Funds in English.

Support Given:

This is a new funding category and our goal is to ensure applicants have the support needed to be successful.

Before applying to the Alliances Fund potential applicants are required to email the Alliances Fund Program officer (alliances_fund(_AT_) to ensure alignment and fit for the new fund. Applicants will then be given the opportunity to have 2 hours of proposal development support.

Once the application is submitted it will go into the review and deliberation process of the regional committee.

For returning grantees, we recommend completing your final report and final conversation with your programme officer before putting in a new submission for further funding.

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