Job Opportunity for React Developer at Echo India in New Delhi

Website Echo India

1. Job Details:


Front End / React Engineer


Information Technology

2.Key Responsibilities:

•Writing highly performant, scalable and efficient code to power the ECHO application suite on the front end software applications to power the ECHO movement taking ownership of code quality and timely delivery

•Utilizing technologies including but not limited to React JS, Redux, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, and others

•Following best practices of software development, systems design and programming

•Writing robust and clear technical documentation of the code base for other programmers to collaborate on

•Researching, prototyping and integrating with 3rd party libraries and other front end technologies

•Writing test cases, debugging, performance analysis of the product

•Resolving bugs and technical glitches in the application as well as compatibility issues with devices, browsers etc.

•Designing and Implementing front-end architecture of applications to ensure a modular, federated, scalable and extensible system design

•Ensuring technical feasibility of UI and UX designs and converting designs and templates into functioning prototypes and applications

•Ensuring proper software project management using Agile methodologies, version control, continuous integration / deployment and other practices are maintained

•Optimizing the application for maximum performance, scalability and reliability

•Ensuring best practices of data security and cybersecurity are followed during the development of the software

•Building integrations with back end REST APIs to meet the specified business requirements

•Work closely with product, engineering, design, projects and management teams in a cross-functional manner

3.Other requirements:

•Strong Expertise in Javascript and ReactJS (ES6)

•1-2 years for Junior developer

•3-4 years for Senior developer

•Strong knowledge of scalable and repeatable application development principles and good grasp of systems design / systems architecture concepts and fundamentals

•Strong knowledge of REST APIs and in integrating with APIs from frontend applications

•Strong knowledge of UI layouts, CSS3 and HTML5•Strongknowledge of user authentication, authorization between different systems using JWT, Cookie / Session authentication etc.

•Excellent software design skills including debugging, performance analysis and testing

•Experience in writing technical documentation of frontend components

•Strong experience in version control using Git, Git Flow and Agile methodologies. Knowledge of JIRA is a plus.

•Basic Understanding of security, data protection and compliances

•Basic Understanding of server setup and DevOps concepts•Strong Prioritization and work planning skills -ability to deliver high quality output within defined timelines and takes full ownership of output delivery and code quality

•Good communication and inter-personal skills with the ability to work in a cross functional team with other developers, designers, managers etc.

•Strong communication skills and ability to work in a cross-functional, globally distributed team

•Flexibility in work timings (ability to work periodically late evenings based on US time zone)

•Work may require some degree of travel (10-15%) -both domestic as well as international

4.Key Interactions:


ECHO India team


ECHO Institute

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