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About Medha:

Medha better prepares youth for life after school. Our combination of 21st-Century skills training, career counseling, and alumni support propel young people on career paths of their choice. Since 2011, we have improved workplace engagement, income growth, and female work participation for 85,000 students across more than 400 educational institutions. And we are currently partnering with multiple state governments to bring our programming and approach to millions more. 

We are supported by leading corporations and global foundations such as Accenture, JP Morgan, and The Mulago Foundation. We have received numerous awards and recognitions for our work, including the Echoing Green, Rainer Arnhold, and Ashoka Fellowships, the Dasra Girl Power Award, and were recently named a finalist for the Elevate Prize.

We are committed to creating a diverse environment and are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, pregnancy, disability, age, veteran status, or other characteristics. Medha is also committed to compliance with all fair employment practices.

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Medha has been collecting data and tracking the impact of its work with youth since its very first batch in 2012. 

With 85,000 students, 600 educational institutions, 4,000 employers, and more than 100 districts, that’s more than ten million data points over the last ten years (and hundreds added every second!). 

However, we have not done enough with this data. We haven’t used it fully to improve or start new programs, better predict outcomes, allocate and redistribute resources, develop creative marketing campaigns, understand the nuance in our impact, or advocate with the government, peers, and funders.      

To put data and impact at the center of everything we do, we have recently created a new Data & Impact Department and elevated it as a core function within the organization – along with Core Programs and System Adoption. 

With three associated verticals – Data Analytics, Data Management, and Impact Evaluation – the Data & Impact department collects, organizes, analyzes, predicts, measures, and communicates what the data says about our students and alumni, programs, and impact. 

We are looking for someone to build and lead this team who is…

  • A champion for Data & Impact within and outside Medha.
  • A data culture builder that goes beyond any individual or process.
  • An ambitious leader who can set the bar for Data & Impact in our industry.

And has the experience and knowledge to oversee the following verticals: 

 1) Impact Evaluation: A team of researchers and enumerators design experiments, collect data, and build evidence around our interventions. They have the capabilities to both run evaluations on their own and collaborate with third-party experts. Their goal is to investigate if Medha’s Theory of Change translates into impact on the ground. 

2) Data Analysis: A team of tinkerers, analysts, and scientists dig deep into every morsel of data – quantitative and qualitative – to look for trends, causation, and learnings. Armed with these data-backed insights, they initiate and accelerate program and operational improvements and spark ideas for innovation in collaboration with the Core Programs team.

3) Data Management: A team of detail-oriented, tech-savvy beautiful minds design, implement, and oversee data management systems and processes. They ensure timely and accurate data collection and entry, build and share dashboards and reports, and train team members on how to use data in their day-to-day work.

What you will do:  

Lead a team of researchers, data analysts, and managers

  • Ensure a culture of collaboration, innovation, accountability, and efficiency
  • Set and achieve departmental goals and align them to organizational objectives
  • Identify and support the learning and development needs of the team

Design and implement antifragile data systems

  • Inculcate a standard set of impact, outcome, and output metrics
  • Improve systems to increase data quality and utility
  • Design capabilities for more rapid and nimble data collection and usage

 Drive organizational goals and ambitions as a senior leader at Medha

  • Set future-looking goals aligned with Medha’s mission and vision
  • Champion Medha’s values in all key leadership decisions
  • Support your peers to achieve high standards of teamwork and accountability

What your day might look like:

While no two days are the same, some may look like this:

  • Meet a local research firm in Lucknow to evaluate their ability to conduct a rapid impact assessment for a pilot program around freelancing.
  • Review a new dashboard in Metabase to see if it incorporates the right impact metrics required at the Cluster level (in collaboration with Cluster Heads).
  • Check-in with the Data Analytics team on a predictive modeling project with an external firm.
  • Provide the Impact Evaluation team inputs on their onboarding program for new Student Relationship Managers to provide a ‘basics of impact evaluation.’ 
  • Brainstorm with the Haryana System Adoption State Head on how to introduce the idea of an RCT with the Principal Secretary of Skill Development.
  • Grab a chai with the VP, Core Programs to remind them of the ‘why’ behind a new data process change your team has introduced.
  • Have a late evening call with the Principal Investigator on an RCT you are running with J-PAL.

Things we are looking for:

  • You are a leader in the field of empirical evidence and data for social impact.
  • You strongly identify with our mission and vision.
  • You have a knack for balancing research rigor with execution precision and speed!
  • You can connect the dots between the three verticals mentioned above.
  • You can lead a team of specialists as well as field-based generalists.

And some prior experience…

We believe in diversity of thought and experiences and are open to candidates with varied backgrounds. If you believe the skills you have built from the experiences you have had in the past can be applied to this work, please communicate how and why in your application.

Why should you work for Medha?

  • A passionate team that is committed to a shared mission.
  • Grassroots ethos connected to its student community (no ivory towers here).
  • Audacious goals and vision to impact millions of young people and India’s growth story.
  • New initiatives and exciting projects to get involved in and learn from.
  • An informal and fun work environment that doesn’t compromise on performance.
  • Space to explore and find your own solutions and path (no micromanaging). 

Whom will you work with?

These are some people you will closely be working with as members of Data & Impact and the Leadership team. 

The descriptions indicate the team member’s ‘superpower,’ not their designation 🙂 

Data manager and insight gatherer extraordinaire: Mariam Raza

Taskmaster, field expert, and champion of change management: Swati Goyal

Impact investigator, survey whiz, and painter of ‘big pictures’: Komal Sharma

System engineer and champion of excellence (Core Programs): Sanjul Ashok Bhakri

Natural leader, connector, and chaos tamer (Ecosystem Engagement): Shubhra Gupta

Our hiring process:

Our goal is to be transparent and respectful of your time during the recruiting process. We use a technology platform to ensure the hiring process is comprehensive, efficient, and well documented.

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