The Charity Entrepreneurship Incubation Program

The Charity Entrepreneurship Incubation Program is a two-month, cost-covered training program that gives a small cohort of talented people from all over the world everything they need to launch a field-leading charity.

Receive a seed grant of up to $200,000 USD to launch your high-impact nonprofit at record speed.

At the end of the Incubation Program, founders pitch their charities to our seed network. Since the first Incubation Program in 2019, over 80% of proposed charity interventions have received seed funding to kick-start their first year of operations. These commitments are made within a week of graduating from the program.

Starting a charity could be one of the most impactful career paths you might ever take.

By becoming a nonprofit entrepreneur you will build robust career capital and reach an impact equivalent to $338,000-414,000 donated* to the best charities in the world every year (e.g., GiveWell top charities)! If you do exceptionally well, we estimate that your impact can grow to $1M in annual counterfactual donations. This makes nonprofit entrepreneurship one of the most impactful jobs you could take!


If you…

Are excited to make a huge impact with your career

Like moving fast and working on a variety of different tasks

Feel motivated by new challenges

… it may well be!

Since starting our Incubation Program in 2019, we have trained 84 incubatees from a wide range of backgrounds, ages, and nationalities. We are not looking for any specific type of work experience or formal education. What our incubatees have in common is…

  • A deep dedication to doing good
  • Ambition to make rapid progress and achieve results
  • The drive to always keep learning
  • The grit and creativity to keep going even in the face of difficulties
  • Diverse and complementary skill sets

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