Funding Opportunity: Conservation Nation Grant Program 2023

About the Organization

Conservation Nation is a passionate team committed to saving species by making the field of wildlife conservation accessible to a broader group of people. We are dedicated to changing the conservation career path from one of limited access to one of inclusion and growth.

Our mission –

To preserve the planet by cultivating an inclusive and resilient wildlife movement. By breaking down barriers, we strive to accelerate the growth of a strong community of wildlife champions solving urgent biodiversity challenges together.

About the Grant

The Conservation Nation Grant Program provides funding to help save endangered animals and their ecosystems by building a stronger, more diverse community of conservation practitioners. We believe there is great conservation progress to be made by broadening the field of committed individuals working to address the global wildlife conservation challenge.

Conservation Nation supports innovative, on-the-ground conservation around the world by practitioners from traditionally marginalized communities. Our focus is on helping foster conservation solutions that serve the needs of both nature and people and in terrestrial, marine, or freshwater ecosystems that support a wide range of biodiversity.

In addition to providing project funding, we support our grantees with ongoing professional development and capacity-building opportunities to ensure their growth and success so that they stay and thrive in the field of conservation.

We also place a strong emphasis on ensuring that grant recipients share their work and knowledge and become mentors for our Youth Conservationists.

Conservationists are eligible for funding up to US$10,000 for a grant period of one to two years.

Who can Apply

  • Early to mid-career conservationists.
  • Special consideration will be given to people from traditionally marginalized communities.
  • The project must be connected to an in-country partner if the conservationist does not reside permanently in the community.
  • This grant is targeted toward individuals. The application must be filled out and submitted by the grant applicant.

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted through the grants portal. The grant portal will close at 5 p.m. EDT on June 23, 2023. Applications submitted via email will not be considered.

Visit link for more information.

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